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keynotfound and location issues
Dear Community, The problems you have been seeing are related to 2 different endeavors we have been working on to make the API system be...
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Frequently incorrect highs/lows, hourly data and daily summaries missing
I'm frequently seeing two different issues: 1) Wildly incorrect high/low temperatures (i.e. high of 72, low of 11) 2) Missing hourly data...
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The text in my api results is empty
The Api for the 10 day forecast is returning empty results, this is the returned text when i call the api:  .  This was working perfectly...
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API issue when requesting/using text forecasts
The API request to ({KEY}/conditions/forecast10day/astronomy/q/24084.json) is incorrectly returning empty...
  • dakjr, 2 years ago

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Is there an API call to get usage information?
I'm looking for a call I can use to get back how many times the API has been used in a given minute and day to make sure I don't go over ...
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How do I get a list of all active severe weather alerts?
I need to get a list of the active severe weather alerts. Is there an easier, less expensive way to do this other than by spinning throug...
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