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API not working
There is a webserver problem with our data in cloud hosting provider.  They shut down all of the instances and they are not coming back u...
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Photo of Kim Trapp
Radar API not working
Radar intermittently down.  Problem started 07-OCT-2017 7:26AM CT.
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Photo of Jay Allen
Radar Images Not Loading
Usual API calls for animated radar on my site are failing.  API dashboard shows them as errors for ImageLoad. Example: http://api.wunder...
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Photo of Sam Nickolls
Problem loading radar maps, documentation page formatting corrupted
I can load satellite maps, but not radar maps of any kind. It doesn't even return an image and I have no errors in my browser console or ...
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Photo of Rodja Trappe
Radar images old and not updating
It seems that the europe rain images are old and not updating correctly. For example
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