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Occasionally, the feed returns weather data from the beginning of January.
I've been experiencing this for over a month.  I was hoping it was a temporary glitch.  Anyone else having the same issue?  Any fix?  Tha...
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Photo of Brian Mueller
Frequently incorrect highs/lows, hourly data and daily summaries missing
I'm frequently seeing two different issues: 1) Wildly incorrect high/low temperatures (i.e. high of 72, low of 11) 2) Missing hourly data...
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Api servers sending bogus data
For the past couple of months we have been experiencing many problems retrieving data from the api servers.  Often times the servers will...
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Photo of Paul
10 day forecast response is not populated
My site requests a 10 day forecast every hour and I use simpleforecast data to display a 5 day forecsat.  Lately I have noticed the respo...
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