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Weather not avaiable for many cities since yesterday 5 November fcttext_metric
Hi, Since the 5 November no data for many cities in Italy and other countries with the json query Same on Sunday and today 6 November ......
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View Billing Broken?
The "View Billing" button is not working. It redirects me to
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API Response time VERY SLOW with spike to more than 10 seconds
We are customer of Wundergound since years, we pay for an Anvil plan for 1mio request/day. Since few week we constated a serious deterio...
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Frequently incorrect highs/lows, hourly data and daily summaries missing
I'm frequently seeing two different issues: 1) Wildly incorrect high/low temperatures (i.e. high of 72, low of 11) 2) Missing hourly data...
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Satellite images stuck for days, in both API and your Wunderground app (but not Storm app!)
For days now satellite images have been fixed. Nothing moves. I get the same image exactly today as I got yesterday for this example requ...
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Radar API not working
Radar intermittently down.  Problem started 07-OCT-2017 7:26AM CT.
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WEATHER API IS DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE WEATHER API IS DOWN. ALL REQUESTS FAIL! HERE IS AN EXAMPLE RESPONSE: An error occurred while processing your request.Reference #97...
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