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Historic figures "download coma delimited file" is missing.
The ability to download the historic data as a coma delimited file is suddenly missing
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I ask how i can change "tzname": "America/Montreal" for other country and other city like Paris,i
I change from "" to "http://api.wunderground....
  • Thaair, 2 weeks ago

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Get all cities in country
Is it possible to have a query give me all the current temperatures of the cities in the UK and even better the forecasted temps for the ...
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get a list of all countries
Hello, I see that you are using sometimes  other countries codes then the iso-codes. Is there a way except typing the whole list over ...
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I can't find my api key.
I registered but the email I received doesn't have the API key, only linked to complete the registration.
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Not getting API key
Hi , i tried many times to get API but not get any api key , just loop to email validation.. Can you please help me out , it's my first t...
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