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Details for "non-commercial, low call volume API"
In an email today the team has communicated: For developers who use WU API data for non-commercial purposes, you will have ...
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End of Service for the Weather Underground API
We’re contacting you today to tell you about some upcoming changes to the Weather Underground (WU) API and what these changes mean for y...
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UV Index is showing -1 sometimes
Suddenly after getting good UV indexes througout the day at 1pm I am getting UV = -1 in an international location. Is this a bug? The ...
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Wrong data received "UV=-1" when on site is 8
On website the UV data is correct but using the API I receive a very strange value "-1" which means nothing.... Why the API sends someth...
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Local Wunderground map with temps only
What if I just want to use the Wunderground local map on my website. How do I go about getting just that feature. How much would it cost?...
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API has no temp display for stations on map
Why do we have no API access to the wundermap that displays the temp data for each station? I want to show the map on my site with all t...
  • tmaster, 2 years ago

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