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Just received a sales call from IBM that basically ended in a..."yeah, no point in talking to you because you can't afford the minimum $4,000-$8,000 / month to subscribe to our service".  To this sales persons credit..he was trying to be as diplomatic and nice about it...though short as possible.  I'm sure he's had to deal with angry users of this service left hung out to dry.  

As a small business owner and capitalist, I say kudos to anyone who builds a service model and then sells it to someone for a profit.  But in my humble opinion, the fact that there is literally no option for a small to medium sized business that has actually spent time and money writing in-house software to use this service..is immoral of the founders of this "company" and certainly immoral for the soulless IBM, which since the 90's has basically done nothing but sustain itself through the acquisition of things they for some reason cannot create on their own accord. 

As I understand it, many personal weather stations and a lot of community effort went into providing this service with the raw material and data needed to run it.  And so my main reason for calling out the sellouts...literally...of this service is not that you made a buck...but that you obviously at no point during the acquisition process tried to protect the interests of the community that is not in the business of selling data, but using it for their day to day business needs.  And why that is so immoral...is because it is in the interests of a community based service that you even got the to the point where anyone gave you their time and data to build a network.  

You could have insisted a reasonable package be made available to a small business owner, but instead you've literally nuked thousands of businesses that now will be left scrambling to find an alternative.  We would have been happy to pay even up to a couple hundred bucks for the API service if we knew we could help you sustain your costs, turn a  profit and keep the service running.  But this was a complete case of opportunism and lack of respect for the community.  

Enjoy your yachts. 
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This is what I got today from my "rep"...