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Are there undocumented options for the astronomy feature?

Are the 8 moon phase names available? For example...

New Moon
Waxing Crescent
First Quarter
Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon
Waning Gibbous
Last Quarter
Waning Crescent

Are there icon sets (urls) for the moon phases?

< moonphse_url > http://.../waxingcresent.gif </moonphse_url >

Are there any plans for "prettyTIME" ? For example...

<prettyTime>6:52 AM</prettyTime>

Do the "<ageOfMoon>" values somehow correspond to the moon phase? If so, is there documentation that illustrates this?
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Posted 8 years ago

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We will have documentation soon for this.

Adding prettyTime is on our backlog now.

ageOfMoon is the day number of the moon in the current cycle. You can see the icons here:

where X is the ageOfMoon such as:

for age 10.

Again, we'll have documentation soon!

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Hey that's excellent!

While waiting I came up with a routine at my end to figure it out and made my own images. But I'm happily discarding that for the more accurate ageOfMoon (moonx.gif) you have provided.

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No Problem! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!
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Here's more information about moon phases related to moon icons...

The age of moon corresponds with which moon image you could be showing, such as:

which results in your value for "current" moon. The phases you're
looking for correspond to certain numbers of the age of moon.

New Moon:
First Quarter:
Full Moon:
Last Quarter:

The Crescent and Gibbous are in between those values. Once you map
the name to the icon, you should be all set.
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I see that on the website that Moonset and Moonrise are displayed, but they don't come back from the query to for example. Is that planned for the future, or calculateable with what comes back currently?

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I'm curious about the moonrise and moonset times too. Any plans to add them?
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Has there been any added documentation mapping the agOfMoon response to the moon phase?

Any help here would be much appreciated.
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Is there any way to get Moon phase for current + next 6 days? please help.
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This is not an available feature
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Any way to get the moon pictures with a transparent background - rather than black?