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Do we get live streaming updates back and in metric mode decimals for temperature? We we're promised service would get better but if this will not return this would not be the case.
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Posted 10 months ago

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We need decimals for the temperature, otherwise it makes no sense for us to provide you further with weather data. Also I would like to know, is there no further history? On a yearly view or history information we can select manually?
Unfortenutaly the update of the PWS Site goes completely wrong! 
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Giles Nelson

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It's got very much worse. A few issues:
(a) No real-time charts. 
(b) New charts at the top of the page are too big and intrusive. It force the scrolling down to where the "interesting" information is. Particularly painful on a mobile device.
(c) Does not seem to remember celsius settings.

Please just put the old system back! This update has ruined it.
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Absolutely right - please if you do updates, then improve the site and do not worsen it.
I spent now 9 years on that site, it was really good till today, but now....
Also the historical Data of the last years, were is it?
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Mark Hunt

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Absolutely agree, where is the custom data setting so you can choose historical dates ? It was such a good resource, I recommended WU to a lot of end users with Weather Stations but this update is poor, really poor. Gutted.
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go for the backups and put the old system back!
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Not a fan of the new website either.  It's not just that its different, the widgets take up more screen space and I now have to scroll not just on the smartphone but also on the desktop as I generally don't run web pages in full screen mode. 

If I could I would disable the widgets for my profile.   Look at the pressure widget, you want to see if it's trending up or down or steady instead we get an info icon to click on but how often do you need to review that?  I don't have a webcam or UV sensor for my PWS so I'd want to turn that off. 

On the map widget I just tired to change the sensor and now all of he values have disappeared.  I'm seeing different things on the map for Safari, Chrome and Firefox.  Forcing redraws, no map data from openstreetmap but values with chrome.  now seeing humidity with safari and temp and wind with firefox.  It's really sluggish to update and I have an excellent connection from where I am right now.

At least the graph at the bottom still works but when I click on table I'm seeing "
Invalid Date:undefined Date" on Safari but I do see values on Chrome and Firefox.

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Mario Marano

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New website is TERRIBLE. I repeat: TERRIBLE.
Next time you publish an update, be sure to do some proper testing and gather some user feedback before going live.
Put the old system back!!!