Some questions about how wunderground works.

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I look more than a month for an weather API for my website and after some searches, tests, I think wunderground is a more appropriate solution for what I want.

For the moment I want to use the free plan, for developers.

But I still have some questions.

1. There are a few sites that I trust and one of them is google. Searching on google for "Weather some city" returns back some results, but one important is the weather stats directly. So no necessary to go to any site, because google shows me what I want.

At the bottom of the weather data statistics is mentioned "". Going to for an API sends me to wunderground. So I understand that wunderground and are some partners, or maybe the same company. I do not understand very well, but is important to me to know if the data statistics are the same...

So have the same weather stats like wunderground has ? If yes, then that means the google also has the wunderground stats in some way ?

2. For the moment I want to use the free plan, but is very hard to use it with a limit of just 500 calls per day.

In my website I can show the weather for all cities from my country, not just for one or two cities. I need the data for all important cities / zones from my country. So there are almost 42 and, however I need to mention that I really don't understand how someone can use the weather API without showing the stats for all cities from his country. I suppose that not only my country has this number of cities.

So.... I have 500 calls and 42 cities. This means that in one day I need to show the weather with different stats 11 or maybe 12 times.

Is not this limit too small ? I'm forced to show different data at each 2 or 3 hours. It's pretty uncomfortable, but if this is what I get for a free plan.... this is it.

I look also for a country weather stats for all cities, but not seeing nothing useful. As I see, I can get the data only by city. Again, is frustrating...

3. The last questions and maybe the most important. In my website I have a small place in header, in a small slider, to show the weather data like "City: degrees". There is no place where I can put the logo of wunderground, but of course the weather has also it's own page where I have more details about the weather and of course a place where I can put the logo from wunderground as bigger is necessary. So, am I eligible to use your API ?

I will thank you if you can answer at all 3 questions.

Thank you and have a nice weather conditions :P
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1. Yes, Weather Underground and The Weather Channel both fall under the umbrella of same parent company, 'The Weather Company'. Google uses the same weather data. 

2. The developer account is for testing purposes i.e. to understand how the API works and different kinds of weather data that Wunderground provides. To use it for a production app, upgrade to a plan that suits your call needs. 

Also, there are different ways to query for conditions: (Check the 'query' section here)

3. Send an email to with a link to your website and how you are using it currently. Someone from the team should be able to help you out with branding questions.