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Weather Underground as part of The Weather Company, an IBM business, now offers a series of Data Packages that tap into the breadth and depth of weather data to provide current and forecast conditions, seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts, lifestyle indices, severe weather and historical weather data. With The Weather Company, you can take advantage of these packages quickly and easily, accessing weather data APIs via the Cloud. The packages are curated to give you only what you need in the format you need it. You can Incorporate weather data into your applications or  combine business data with weather data such as alerts and notifications, forecast data, and weather imagery, then apply advanced analytics to build the foundation for informed enterprise decision-making. Learn more 

To improve our services and enhance the relationship with our users, we will no longer  provide free weather API keys as part of our program.  If you have been directed to download our Weather Underground free API key by a third party provider, please contact your vendor for resolution.
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Tim Roche, Official Rep

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Posted 7 months ago

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walid walid

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I normally have people who have received the api weather key
me personally yes I have a key of API weather , ,
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Kevin Key

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Wow. IBM sure knows how to alienate their customers. Not only do I send my station data to Weather Underground, but I'm also a paying member for their ad-free service. As of sometime this morning, my access to the website  was revoked without any warning or explanation. This is no way to run a business!
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Kevin, "access was revoked" -- I am guessing that you're referring to the "premium" web service not letting you log in, showing ads, something like that?  Because it has nothing at all to do with you personally.  I was experiencing the same thing on my home computer this morning.  I haven't had a chance to go over to the web site of things to see if it has been reported/fixed yet.  But rest assured it's just a normal bug, and not related to anything else.  

Victoria Gardner
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Ralph Williams

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I'm the one that paid for the weather equipment to make it work so I could use it with my smart home and alexa that's it I was willing to buy the part and let WU use it for getting the api just for me to find out I spent the money for nothing. U stopped giving the api 1 week after I got it setup. Now u want me to pay 850.00 to ask alexa what's my weather while u use it for free. Are u crazy. Seems like most people here feel the same. What would u do if everyone just stop and only giving u a week notice. Luckily Acurite made the own app to do what I needed.
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Victoria Gardner, Official Rep

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Ralph, I don't understand.

If you are a PWS owner who uploader their data to WU, then you will be able to A) continue to use the current API past December 31, while we continue building the new API, and B) use the new API when it is ready.

Are you saying that you just missed getting the key for the old API?  Email me directly if you really want to program everything twice.  The new API will not have identical calls, and the reason we stopped giving new keys was because we did not want people having to write code for the old API and then just do it again for the new API.  If you want to do that, let me know.

So far as I know, no one has suggested that any PWS owner pay $850 (to IBM?) for data.  I don't know where that's coming from, but it's not correct.  

It sounds like you're happy with your current set-up, but if not, my email is below.

Victoria Gardner