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Photo of skolia
API PWS Data Is Stale
This evening, the API is getting stale observation data, but if I use wunderground's website the same PWS stations are reporting current ...
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Photo of Julia
satellite image wrong
Hi, We are getting the satellite image with a cut in the middle of it, someone have any idea of the reason and when  or how could be fixe...
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Photo of Robby Parker
Contacting support??
Anyone know how to contact support? I've been emailing for WEEKS with no reply. The only phone number I can find is...
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Photo of Thomas Pagano
Empty returns on the rise
I think this has been reported in the past that occasionally the api returns a mostly empty json file or is missing part of the requests ...
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Photo of David Reynolds
My webcam has been unapproved?
My station is KMNMINNE28. I have had a webcam for many years. But now-my webcam has been unapproved since March. WU is supposed to pull ...
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