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Photo of ish
Android App for wunderground PWS
Just wanted to shamelessly plug a new Android App: Wunderoid that I published on Google Play Store yesterday. You can use it with or with...
  • ish, 7 years ago

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Photo of Dylan Ginsburg
Unicode (UTF-8) in alerts
There appears to be an encoding issue in the alert descriptions for some locales. Below is the description response I got for alerts in M...
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Photo of storm2012S
Radar Layers?
Currently I am using the following in my iPhone app: As you can see if you use this link i...
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Photo of protonheadP
c# interface
NEWBIE!!! (don't you hate that?) I need really basic info (temp and wind) in a C# app I'm writing for windows phone 8. I'm a pretty de...
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Photo of bluemtB
Hello, is it possible to get the data for lightning strikes from wunderground? If not, is there any other information source that can giv...
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