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Photo of protonheadP
c# interface
NEWBIE!!! (don't you hate that?) I need really basic info (temp and wind) in a C# app I'm writing for windows phone 8. I'm a pretty de...
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Photo of bluemtB
Hello, is it possible to get the data for lightning strikes from wunderground? If not, is there any other information source that can giv...
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Photo of chamnapC
Batch requests
I'm curious it's possible to send out a single request to retrieve weather information about several locations by sending an array of lat...
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Photo of Timmead
Excessive rounding
A rain total of 0.3mm (0.01 in) is rounded down to 0 for all precipitation fields, though it shows up fine on the main WU webpage. I thin...
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Photo of TimmeadT
Daily summary doesn't work for PWSs
It works fine for airport stations, but not for personal weather stations (at least not the ones I tested in London). Is this a bug or a ...
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