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Conversations 1 - 20 of 940
Photo of uniradiow
API returns error, missingkey and I have a valid key
Hi suddenly my api returns and array error. I have a valid key, I didn't dot over the limit even I got 14 raindrops.This error shows up i...
  • 27 me toos
  • 73 replies
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Photo of EastNed
API-key not found after registration
Today I signed up for a new api-key. Registration worked all fine (I can login now) but I cannot find a key anywhere on the site. An emai...
  • 21 me toos
  • 28 replies
  • Problem
Photo of ObjectLabs
Error: "You must supply a key"
We have just signed up after initial webserver problems this morning. We have created one key and are receiving the 'you must supply a ke...
  • 17 me toos
  • 17 replies
  • Problem
Photo of Joe Patalano
Weather on the website vs. the api is different. vs It doesn't seem to matter what parameters I ...
  • 14 me toos
  • 9 replies
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Photo of Actiaweb Sandro
Weather not avaiable for many cities since yesterday 5 November fcttext_metric
Hi, Since the 5 November no data for many cities in Italy and other countries with the json query Same on Sunday and today 6 November ......
  • 14 me toos
  • 57 replies
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Photo of Jerry Y
Occasionally, the feed returns weather data from the beginning of January.
I've been experiencing this for over a month.  I was hoping it was a temporary glitch.  Anyone else having the same issue?  Any fix?  Tha...
  • 12 me toos
  • 27 replies
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Photo of Brendan Hayes
API not working
There is a webserver problem with our data in cloud hosting provider.  They shut down all of the instances and they are not coming back u...
  • 11 me toos
  • 39 replies
  • Problem
Photo of trestletech
Empty Daily Summary Value
I'm getting an empty "dailySummary" value when I make the following query: . Are there circum...
  • 10 me toos
  • 13 replies
  • Problem
Photo of Mike Hadzhiev
validation account problem
I recive validation email and click it but can`t purchase the api when i get on page to purchase i have massage "You don`t validate your ...
  • 9 me toos
  • 30 replies
  • Problem
Photo of Brian Mueller
Frequently incorrect highs/lows, hourly data and daily summaries missing
I'm frequently seeing two different issues: 1) Wildly incorrect high/low temperatures (i.e. high of 72, low of 11) 2) Missing hourly data...
  • 8 me toos
  • 7 replies
  • Problem
Photo of Chanh Ha
HTML Tag inside the JSON response
I requested weather history for a station through API. Sometimes I receive response with HTTP with Status Code 200 but there is some HTML...
  • 8 me toos
  • 27 replies
  • Problem
Photo of Tibs
Getting error: "you must supply a key", nothing works!
My json calls return: "error": { "type": "missingkey" ,"description": "you must supply a key" } Nothing works! My API ke...
  • 8 me toos
  • 10 replies
  • Problem
Photo of LCWaikiki
Difference between API and URL (website)
We have been using the Wunderground API for almost a year now and have been very satisfied with your service. However, we are also very c...
  • 7 me toos
  • 3 replies
  • Problem
Photo of Dishi baruah
forecast10day returning wrong date
forecast10day api call returning forecast for 10 days starting date 3rd January, 2018 for some zipcodes on some days.
  • 7 me toos
  • 18 replies
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Photo of ryboszukaczekran20DR
Json returns nulls instead of integers
Hello there! I've noticed that there were a change in weather data delivered in Json feedback. In forecast parameter snow and preci...
  • 7 me toos
  • 12 replies
  • Problem
Photo of Tcmoran
API not responding to queries, returns "missing key: you must supply a key" error
Valid key but getting no response and "you must supply a key" error. Also can't login to API website. I suspect it's not just me.
  • 7 me toos
  • 8 replies
  • Problem
Photo of Lucian Baciu
WEATHER API IS DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE WEATHER API IS DOWN. ALL REQUESTS FAIL! HERE IS AN EXAMPLE RESPONSE: An error occurred while processing your request.Reference #97...
  • 7 me toos
  • 47 replies
  • Problem
Photo of moshenM
Forecast and Conditions not agreeing with other apps and sources.
I have users who complain that my app conditions and forecast do not match with other apps or the forecast. My hunch is this is ...
  • 6 me toos
  • 11 replies
  • Problem
Photo of enrickE
Language Support encoding issues
We are still having problems with results when we query for languages other than english EX: REQ:
  • 6 me toos
  • 6 replies
  • Problem
  • In Progress
Photo of MattMcGuire
Api servers sending bogus data
For the past couple of months we have been experiencing many problems retrieving data from the api servers.  Often times the servers will...
  • 6 me toos
  • 7 replies
  • Problem